Non-Surgical Weight Loss

We Offer The Right Solution

For our patients who are not interested in surgery or who may not be surgical candidates we offer a comprehensive weight loss program. AMI Weight Loss Center provides an individualized weight loss program under physician supervision that is customized to fit your lifestyle.

All patients are different with varying lifestyles and preferences. We can help you realize which path is right for you.
Weight-Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Programs

The program factors in your medical health and nutritional intake along with:

  • Nutritional products designed to curb hunger and boost nutrients to your body.
  • FDA-approved medications
  • Ongoing education about metabolism, exercise and behavioral changes that help in weight loss and maintenance.
  • Behavioral counseling.
  • Ongoing monitoring by our physicians.

We offer a multidisciplinary approach which includes:

  • Licensed Nutritionist/Dieticians
  • Dietary Therapy
  • Professionally Supervised Exercise Programs
  • Pharmacological Therapy
  • Liquid Diet Programs
  • Bariatric Advantage
  • Optifast

Orbera Gastric Balloon

Now we also offer the Orbera Gastric Balloon Managed Weight Loss Program.  On the forefront of minimally invasive surgery, our team of surgeons now offers a non-invasive technique to lose your excess weight. The gastric balloon, recently approved by the FDA and very popular in Europe, Australia and South and Central America, is a non-surgical procedure that can be performed in approximately 30 minutes in an outpatient facility. Under our team’s guidance, a patient is expected to lose approximately 30 lbs of excess weight.

The Orbera Gastric Balloon can be suitable for many people who have struggled with their weight for years. This procedure requires that the patient meet the following requirements to be considered a candidate for this gastric balloon:

  • Have a BMI (body mass index) of greater than 27
  • Need to lose between 20-30 lbs of excess weight
  • Are uncomfortable with traditional weight loss surgery methods or not are not a candidate for these other procedures
  • Have not undergone any other bariatric procedures in the past

How is Gastric Balloon different than other Weiht Loss Programs?

The Orbera Gastric Balloon is a brand new, one of a kind procedure that is endoscopically placed into the stomach through the mouth and remains there for a maximum of six months. Since the balloon reduces the capacity of the stomach, it allows you to feel full without eating as much food. Most of the weight loss can be expected to occur in the first three months after the Orbera Balloon is placed. During this time, you will learn more about eating the right foods and right portions to maintain your success for the future.

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